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Oasis Family Caregiver Support & Resources

Becoming the primary caregiver for your loved one is stressful, which is why we created Oasis Family Caregiver Support & Resources to help. When a loved one can no longer care for himself, it is a life-changing experience for the entire family. Often, the change is most drastically felt by the primary care provider, usually a spouse, child or parent who is probably unprepared for this new role. If you find yourself in this position, you’re not alone. At Oasis, we can help. And we’ll start by giving you as much information as possible through our Oasis Family Caregiver Support & Resources.

Family Caregiver Program

To help family caregivers provide the best care possible, Oasis In-Home Care has developed a Family Caregiver Program. We’re the professionals, but when it comes to providing in-home care, you are the most important care provider in your loved one’s life. Because we believe knowledge is power, our Family Caregiver Program includes hands-on training, a support guide and a caregiver support group.

Caregiver Training Program

Each month, Oasis conducts the Caregiver Training Program for Oasis care providers and family caregivers in the middle Tennessee and southwestern Kentucky area. Using a 105-pound medical manikin, our training lab provides hands-on experience for caregivers. Ongoing training is offered four times per month as part of the Caregiver Training Program.

The training offered to our clients’ family caregivers will always be FREE OF CHARGE.

Family Caregiver Training Lab

The Deborah A. Phillips Family Caregiver Training Lab provides non-medical, hands-on assistance training free of charge. Our lab houses

  • a hospital bed
  • mechanical lift
  • walker
  • wheel chair
  • 3-in-1 portable commode
  • gate belts

and many other tools we use to help an aging or debilitated loved one in the home.

Many of the medical equipment needs in the lab were met by donations from Superior Medical Supply in Clarksville, Tennessee. We also have educational resources available including information on Dementia & Alzheimer’s disease, body mechanics, infection control, personal care and more.

Knowing how to safely transfer someone without injury to them or the caregiver is very important. Occupied bed changes, proper standby assistance, the operation of a mechanical lift and understanding the dynamics of a disease are all parts of being a family caregiver. Oasis is proud to be one of the few in-home care agencies providing high quality in-house training for the middle Tennessee and southwestern Kentucky area in the Deborah A. Phillips Family Caregiver Training Lab.

Caregiver Support

Family caregivers may find helpful information in the Caregiver Support Guide that will be provided to them during training. Oasis In-Home Care also provides a space for a Family Caregiver Support Group to meet on the third of every month at 5:30 pm in the office building at 1823 Memorial Drive in Clarksville, TN. Our goal at Oasis In-Home Care is to help you cope with your new role and responsibilities as a family caregiver.

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